The Party Line

| June 26, 2013


The Party Line

Imagine your mind floating back in time and reading about the summer of 1971—the care free days. Well… almost carefree. Ten year old Gerty prevents that from happening. Every summer, Gerty spends one week with her granny. Seems normal… right? It turns out not to be so normal when this precocious little girl does a naughty thing. Unlike past summers, something different happens in 1971. Gerty’s Aunt Bessie gets a telephone party line. Quickly, Gerty learns that she can listen in on the neighbor’s conversations. But it doesn’t stop there. She repeats what she hears to total strangers—better known as gossiping. You will have to read what happens with that.

The Party Line is a light hearted novel that will make you laugh and gasp. It is for all ages. If you’re older, I forewarn you that you will remember some wonderful times. If you would like the first several chapters, please email me. Also, feel free to preview my novel on Enjoy!


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