DON’T GET STONED: how to protect your time, wallet, and soul from the top ten rookie crystal-slinger mistakes

| January 13, 2017



Rookie or pro, newbie or old hat. We get all caught up in the moment and forget the basics, don’t follow best-practices, or get taken in by pretty-sounding stones that end up being colored glass.

It happens. And it can make us feel like we’re the most rookiest rookie that ever slung a crystal, not to mention wasting our time, energy, and cold hard cash. It can almost make you want to put all your shiny allies in a box somewhere and take up stamp collecting instead.

THIS BOOK can help you avoid embarking on a life of stamp albums and philately conventions, with solid, practical help with the ten most common rookie crystal-slinger mistakes. You’ll learn how to tell if a stone will poison you and your clients, when to ask more questions to see if a crystal is a well-crafted fake, and how to avoid being a horrible rock-boss and burning out your allies, among other mistakes we often fall into.

You’ll save time by building relationships with your collection. You’ll save energy in focusing on all the wrong things. And you’ll save money by learning what, when, and how to buy and call on your allies in a way that’s ultimately beneficial to you both.

Back away from the stamps, and fall in love with crystals and crystal healing all over again.


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