Colliding Worlds: An arising will for change

| January 14, 2017


The Establishment is not listening to you

Have you stopped listening to them?

You are not alone

More people than ever are protesting around the world. Surveys show a decrease in support for the present form of democracy. People perceive power and the current unsatisfactory state of affairs in a new light and demands for another kind of democracy are being heard.

The contract between citizens and the establishment is broken. We seem to be facing a paradigm shift where the western ideals are losing support and people are searching for different values. The question is – where are we heading?

Do we choose a new world culture in which surveillance by state powers is prioritized before peoples’ integrity, where a deeper meaning of life and long-sighted political visions are replaced by a work-salary-consumption-machinery? Or have we had enough and are now ready to make a stand against this “system”.

Colliding Worlds summarizes and structures the old world order, informs about the latest developments and opens up a new way of thinking about an alternative kind of world, describing a new breed of activist, free of the establishment, leaving the old ideologies behind.

Mats Sederholm and Linda Bjuvgård are writers, speakers and chroniclers. They are system critics who, for the past 20 years, have been analyzing the power structures and standards of the West – their driving force a strong belief in humanity and in a kinder society.


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