Mystery Of The Egyptian Amule (Zet Mystery Case Book 2)

| January 14, 2017


“a very happy and rewarding find” ~ PopBop, AMAZON TOP 500 Reviewer

“will have readers turning pages” ~ Mallory Anne-Marie Haws, Amazon TOP 1000 Reviewer

12-year-old Zet tries to visit his best friend, Hui, who’s a student apprentice at a famous jewelry workshop. To Zet’s surprise, the scary guard at the gates won’t let him in! Is Hui in danger? Meanwhile, amulets have been disappearing all over town. When Zet receives a valuable amulet as a gift, he knows it’s a secret message from Hui–but what does it mean? Zet will stop at nothing to make sure his best friend is safe.

The trail of clues leads Zet down forbidden streets whispering with the voices of ancient gods, through a mysterious city of gold and majesty the world has never forgotten.

“Hardy Boys meets Ancient Egypt”

~ Popular in numerous book clubs, classrooms, and homeschooling.

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