TERMINAL – A Collection

| January 15, 2017


Loss, lust and loneliness.

TERMINAL collects DRIVE, ANGELA, and THE END into one volume.

DRIVE is a psychological thriller that tells the story of David, an ageing delivery man by day, and storied serial killer by night. DRIVE considers what might drive a man to kill, and what might drive a killer to stop.

ANGELA, is a bleak and unflinching gothic horror in which we meet a lonely, middle aged woman who must live with the legacy of her family’s dark secret, the madness that grows in the absence of love, and a closet full of delicate skeletons.

THE END is a zombie horror told from the zombie’s perspective and is one woman’s account of the end of her life, her family, and everything.

Together they form a loose trinity, connected by theme, length and tone, and the literal train that runs through them.


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