Author interview with Lisa Dawn Wadler of ‘Time of the Draig’

Author Interview with Lisa Dawn Wadler


In an attempt to save the world from destruction, physicist Major Samantha Sykes, opens a door in time. Her plan to travel into the past to change the future has unexpected consequences. Trapped in 11th century Scotland, her mission is complicated by the love she never knew she was seeking. Laird Faolan of the Draig clan has one desire: to claim the woman who fell through time and make her his. He will do everything in his power to convince Samantha that she belongs with him for all time. Opening the door in time brings Samantha and Faolan together. Fate, destiny, and responsibility are at odds. The forces that brought them together may be their undoing. Will their love survive Samantha’s journey back to her world to save time, or will the centuries that stretch between them tear them apart?



Today Lisa Dawn Wadler has kindly set a little time aside today to chat with me about the 11th century world that physicist Major Samantha Sykes finds herself in after travelling through time. Lisa, where did this idea of time-travelling physicists come from?

Time of the Draig came from the desire to explain the time travel mechanism used in The Draig’s Woman. Personally, I love it when the author of time travel novels creates a how and why it happened. While the use of storms, mysterious fog, etc can work, to me it has always seemed weak. I wanted the series to have a solid base and its own lore.



And how did this lore form? It feels to me that there must have been some strong physics research required here.

The only research was how little we actually know about dark matter. With so little scientific foundation, the necessary ingredient for creativity clinked into place.



Did you draw on any life experiences to help the creativity and get the places and characters to click together?

The only life experiences are that all of my heroines have a background in martial arts. As a student of Tae-Kwon-Do, most of the battle/fight sequences are real in structure and form.



How did the heroine in this novel, and her cast of acquaintances form?

One at a time. The main characters came to life as their wants and needs filled the pages. Secondary characters jumped in when needed to add depth, history and additional perspectives.



Do you think that you’d want to hang out with characters at a cast party if they could come to life?

Absolutely. I want to spend the whole party with Boomer.



*Laughs* Good choice. What key thing do you want the audience to take away from your book?

That the hero is actually the heroine. She saves the laird, the clan, and in this book – the fabric of time and the universe. I love creating strong, capable women.



Was the creation of a strong, capable woman the most rewarding aspect of writing this novel?

The premise I started with quickly became more. Characters not in my general concept appeared and wrote themselves into the story. Which is great because their voices were needed. At the very end of the book is an extra epilogue, one that I hadn’t planned. But once written, it ties the series of books together.



As your books tie together have you found a loose threads or even new threads to use for a basis for your next book?

Currently in the editing process on the next Draig book – The Draig’s Wife and writing the next in the series, The Draig’s Choice.



That’s awesome news for readers! There’s much more Draig books in the works! So, what keeps you coming back to write in the Draig universe?

What started as a “can I do this” quickly became “I love to do this”. As long as the voices keeping whispering, I’ll keep sharing their stories.



When you get those whispers of an initial book do you know where it will end?

While I start with a plan, the books usually take off in a direction never planned – which is what keeps it exciting for me. I constantly wonder where it will lead.



Do you use any techniques to keep you on the straight and narrow path of writing to prevent yourself from getting too distracted?

As a full-time sales person, a mom with school age kids, a wife, and a dog-mom – life is busy. But I try to write around four days a week with no hard goals, simply until I’ve written what is ready to be typed.



Do you use music to get you into the writing zone?

I prefer quiet.



So you haven’t run into writer’s block yet?

Given the lack of consistent writing time, a blank page has yet to give me pause.



That’s great! Having writer’s block with your busy schedule would hider your progress, so I’m heartened to hear that you’ve been largely undisturbed. Do you tackle your editing your own work with such a full schedule, or is this something that you try and garner outside help with?

I try to clean the book up as much as I can and then the first draft to my sister and a few trusted friends for their opinions. After altering what they decide doesn’t work, I submit to my publisher and thank the heavens my editor is so amazing.



As a writer who has been there before do you have any top tips that you can share to help other authors looking to embark into the world of writing?

Write, write and listen to the feedback, then keep writing what you want. Have your own voice.



Now, I’d like to re-direct your voice a little to see if the audience and I can learn a little more about you in today’s quick fire round. For a bit of contrast I’ll start off today with what is your favourite quote?

I am Babcock – from a book that kept me awake at night



I haven’t read The Passage, but I think I might give it a bit of a wide berth, as I don’t need to be kept awake at night! Do you have any philosophies that you live by?

I wish I was that deep.



Are you a valuable asset on a quiz team?

Depends on the question



What is your zodiac sign?




What is your favourite ocean?




If you invented a monster what would it look like and what would you call it?

Scriddley-scrunch. It would repeat its name over and over as it crawled along your bedroom floor just after the lights go out. Hmmm, maybe I want to write mild horror



With Scriddley-scrunch, I think that you have a good foot in the door into the world of horror. Are you introvert or extrovert?

I am an extroverted introvert. I would prefer to be an introvert but life won’t let me.



Life does have a pesky way of demanding extroversion. Have you ever danced in the rain?

Yep – I got wet



It’s more important that you had fun then getting wet. And getting wet is half of the fun! If you ruled your own country, who would you get to write the national anthem?

Pete Townsend



That is fantastic choice, he picks the right chords. Are you left or right handed?




How are the colours in rainbows made?

Light refraction but that’s boring. Pixie dust and wishes sounds much better



I think I’d pick the pixie dust and wishes over the science too! If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create?

No island of Dr M please



But we could have such fun. Okay, then let’s choose something brighter. What color socks are you wearing?

They’re Bombas – grey and blue



What is your favourite flavor of ice cream?           

Sorry, I’m dairy-free. But I have fond memories of raspberry chocolate chip



You never know, they might make it in a dairy free option! What’s the most unusual name you’ve ever come across?

Decker, it’s a first name.



What is your favourite word?

Today it’s groovy



Finally, Is there a question that you haven’t been asked that you’d like to be, or anything that didn’t come up?

Look for strong women in your romance reads. Stop waiting for prince charming. We need to make our own happy endings.



I hope that you continue to write strong women in romance, as the genre does need a large infusion of these characters. Lisa, thank you again for being so generous with your time today and I wish you the best of luck with your promotion of ‘Time of the Draig’.


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