Mr. Getaway And The Sunshiners

| January 16, 2017


The delightful Mr. Getaway, a wild and daring substitute teacher, invites his students on an extraordinary adventure – a nighttime trip to visit the sunshiners. These unusual beings greet the rising sun and inhale everything they need from the sun’s rays. What could that be? Were the students converted into sunshiners themselves? You’ll have to read the book to find out.
It was the end of the day, near the last of the class
When our teacher went out of the room to refill her glass.

In that brief moment who should fly in the door,
But our favorite substitute teacher whom we all so adore.

“I’m back,” called Mr. Getaway, “to invite you to an extracurricular event.
It starts at ten. Bring your sleeping bag and a tent…

And a note from your parents giving you permission
To go on this most extraordinary mission.

Mr. Getaway did not dally to explain the matter.
He departed saying, “I hope to see you all later.”

Well, as we looked at each other, we knew what to do.
We packed our backpacks and out the door we all flew.

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