The NonSense of NonDual: From Mindfulness to Oneness

| January 17, 2017


A Zen-style look at NonDual Reality. Alan Watts meets Osho.

What follows and transcends ‘mindfulness’ in the evolution of consciousness? NonDual Awareness, or more specifically, the cultivation of our experiences of NonDual Reality, or Oneness. The NonSense of NonDual explores and reveals the elusive obviousness of NonDual Reality.

From Chapter 1: Pointing at the Moon

“The finger pointing at the moon doesn’t matter.

The map is not the territory.

The word ‘itself’ has no meaning. No word has meaning.

Half empty or half full, the glass is just a container for what you want to drink. And if we are thirsty, we will find nothing to satisfy us.

I’d like to keep this as simple as possible. You cannot find what you are looking for. But that is not because it doesn’t exist. If we seek something, it definitely exists. The problem is that what we seek may not be real. And if it is not real, we will never find it. It exists solely in our delusional longing, always a half-step out of reach. And if it is real, you will never find it. You can not ever find it because in seeking it you can’t let go of what it is not. What you are not. The truth is that what is real must surprise you, sneak up on you like a flower hidden in the same place that you just looked.”

From Chapter 2: “Oneness, another name for NonDual, is impossibly ridiculous. There is no funnier joke that you could ever tell. We should be running up to each other in the street, shaking each other by the shoulders and laughing at the impossibility of everything. Yet we are deadly serious. Just look at us on our morning commute. Or when we are at work. Dead serious. In the grocery store, too. Dead serious.

If you are living, Reality blows your mind in every moment. Everything else is dead. Sometimes Reality breaks through, and we catch someone’s eye. We have to at least smile. We’ve been found out. We’ve been caught believing in our self importance. It feels good to know we can be real, if even for a moment. We have found eternal life.”



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