Dare to Matter: Choosing an Unstuck and Unapologetic Life of Significance

| January 17, 2017


“Having the opportunity to inspire people throughout the country, I am convinced that we are most fulfilled when we positively impact the lives of others. Pete’s message that we are created to live a life of significance is relevant today and for years to come.”
-Joe Moravsky, NBC’s American Ninja Warrior

A refreshingly candid, inspiring, and pragmatic guide to living a life that matters, presented through the perspective of someone who almost lost his own. 

Challenging and shredding society’s “feel good” message that your greatest endeavor is the achievement of success and happiness, Pete Smith presents a bold and encouraging declaration that you were meant for much more than that. You were created to be significant.

Outlining a framework that keeps you focused on the things that matter most, Smith stresses the importance of personal choice and the impact you have on others. Ferociously addressing and never sugarcoating commonly perceived limitations, Smith confronts the issues of fear, self-doubt, resentment, and complacency. A significant life begins with an honest look in the mirror, not for self-absorption, but for self-awareness.

Revealing the power of your identity and challenging you to embark on a journey that others may consider “crazy,” Smith highlights that this life was never meant to be played safe. You are meant to take chances, even if it means experiencing occasional failure. As he says, “Failure isn’t the enemy, complacency is.”

Enjoying a successful professional career as an operations executive, Smith’s encounter with death happened at the young age of 35. It is through that experience, as well as the thousands of hours he has spent training and coaching other successful professionals, that led to the concepts and takeaways in this book.

Now considered “one of America’s leading personal and professional development coaches,” Smith is a sought-after international speaker and trainer in the field of leadership, management, personal growth and development. His energetic, edgy, and interactive style is complimented by his ability to provide practical insights that actually make sense, all while having a little fun in the process.

Complete with stories, examples, humor (often self-deprecating), and no-holds-barred practical advice, Dare to Matter is perfect for those who are ready to break free from the chains of conformity to pursue a life of impact.

“Dare to Matter captures the essence of what it means to live not only with passion but with purpose. If you’re ready to think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world, this book can help get you started on your journey toward significance.”
– MICHAEL PORT, WSJ and NY Times bestselling author of Steal the Show

“This book gets to the heart of what truly matters: who you are, what you choose to do in this life, and the impact you make in the lives of others.”
– RYAN THOMAS, Author, Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and US News & World Report


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