Traitor’s Masque

| January 23, 2017


A breathtaking YA fantasy inspired by Cinderella…

Trystan Colbourne may have finally turned eighteen, but she’s still a friendless outcast, just as she has been since her father died. Desperate to escape her isolation, Trystan becomes involved with a mysterious band of conspirators who claim to have the kingdom’s best interests at heart. They need her help to prevent a disaster, but before she can complete her assignment, she meets Donevan, a compelling and enigmatic young man whose face haunts her dreams. Caught between her desire for love and the needs of a kingdom in turmoil, how can she decide who to trust with her future?

With the fate of the entire kingdom of Andar hanging in the balance, Trystan attends the Royal Masque, where she learns that her quest for a happy ending may have betrayed the man she loves. Plunged headlong into a nightmare of duplicity, espionage and intrigue, she will have just one chance at redemption, though she may be forced to sacrifice everything she’s ever dreamed of to prevent her kingdom from falling into the hands of a ruthless adversary.

An unforgettable tale of romance, intrigue and suspense, Traitor’s Masque is the first book of the Andari Chronicles, a series of interconnected but stand-alone fairy tales that are perfect for fans of Robin McKinley or Melanie Dickerson.


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