Easy Mindfulness Techniques: Your Life. Your Way. Right Now

| January 20, 2017


Mindfulness Techniques – The True Way to Change Your Life and Embrace Inner Peace

Life-changing in just ten minutes a day!

Mindfulness Techniques – Your Life, Your Way, Right Now – brings you the simplicity and effectiveness of the mindful way so that you can create the foundations of change. Written by author and editor Annette Young, this is mindfulness stripped back to its core essentials and carefully crafted so to aid the subtle changes that bring the maximum benefits to your life. If you are fed up of feeling weighed down by problems, of juggling time and multi-tasking, stop right now and embrace the quick and easy mindfulness techniques that bring very real benefits.

??? Stressed? Tired? Irritable?

In this day and age, we feel pressured and strive to cope rather than looking to thrive. We are often distracted, stressed and feel overwhelmed by the obstacles or problems of life. Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, headaches, IBS and so many other health conditions manifest as symptoms of stress. Mindfulness Techniques – Your Life, Your Way, Right Now provides you with the ultimate techniques to strip away inner angst and to be successful in life, living life your way without compromise.

It’s all about living in the present and maximising your time and experiencing life to the full.

??? Mindfulness is a buzz word for a reason. It really works.

Learn to let go of the fear, eradicate negative thoughts or faulty perceptions and welcome in mindfulness. Just imagine having time to yourself and relishing a true sense of inner peace and balance in life. This book will guide you to a new you so you can live life and be truly free from everyday stresses and strains.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.


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