Discover The SAHARA Desert

| January 21, 2017


Discover The SAHARA Desert, Feel it before you live it!!

Would you like to visit the Sahara desert? Don’t you have enough knowledge about this amazing land? and you are looking for a guidebook?. You are just one step away from starting your journey to discover the Sahara desert before you live it in reality.

In a part of the world where you truly depend on your guidebook, this book is designed to work as a life support system and cultural companion whether you’re here on business, taking a short holiday, or on an overland trip to the Sahara desert.

This book provides a rare and beautiful descriptions of a region with extraordinary varieties of landscapes, peoples and styles. As the author explores the hidden corners of Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria…etc, as well as the better known sites of the Sahara desert, the reader gradually acquires real cultural insights into the texture of this unusual land which for centuries has functioned as a bridge between the African nations.

Get this Book and enjoy your journey!


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