One Survivor’s Guide for Beating Depression and Thriving Thereafter

| January 22, 2017



5.0 out of 5 stars
“A Wonderful Handbook for the Depressed Patient!”
By S Donald Fisher M.D., D. Scott Fisher Prof on Jan. 14 2017

“I had the privilege of reading this book recently, having been directed to it by a colleague.

Let me start by saying that I found the tone and perspective of the book refreshing. I found it to be balanced (sections addressing the emotional, spiritual, physical, dietary, and pharmacological factors at play in depression), practical, and positive.

I appreciated very much the author’s emphasis on what individual patients can do themselves to overcome their illness, and his emphasis on the high likelihood of treatment success for clinical depression.

At the end of the day, what stood out for me most, is that this book was written by someone with a bright and shining attitude (High praise for one who suffered from such a debilitating illness) and a desire to help others. It is a quick read, and I would highly recommend it to others suffering from depression, or for those looking to help a loved one overcome their illness.”


This personal and motivating guide for battling depression follows one survivor’s intimate journey through the illness while imparting the essential steps readers can take to start feeling better. As the narrative of this first person account unfolds, it compels, educates, and guides readers towards forming the necessary habits for overcoming depression. Its holistic approach uncovers many keys, practices, and secrets that can lead to a healthier and happier life. One Survivors Guide for Beating Depression and Thriving Thereafter is an inspirational story of struggle and perseverance that will prove that anyone can fight their way through their darkest hour, and even dare to begin to forge their way to thriving thereafter.


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