The Glory of Christ: Discovering Ultimate Meaning – Finding True Fulfillment

| January 22, 2017


Do you want to discover ultimate meaning and find true fulfillment?

What’s the meaning of your life? Have you ever deeply thought about that? Wouldn’t it be tragic to miss the goal for why you’ve been created?

Image a field of soccer players, having no clue about the meaning and purpose of the game. Isn’t that an accurate illustration when you go through life without rightly understanding its meaning and purpose?

The Glory of Christ highlights the sole reason for creation, history, and the meaning of your life. Unless you focus on His glory, you’ll miss out on the reason why you exist. Just like a car hasn’t been made to be used as a boat, you haven’t been created for anything else but the enjoyment of His glory.

The Glory of Christ shows that there can only be true fulfillment when you embrace what has real meaning. Any other “fulfillment” is empty of genuine substance. The good news is that God’s sole goal—His glory—is fully related to your greatest well-being. Will a world-renowned piano player bless you with a poor performance or with his best performance?

The Glory of Christ contains thirty-one devotionals. Each one takes only three minutes and will encourage you to pursue Christ’s glory and, subsequently, find true fulfillment. Will you join me on this journey? It’s never too late to start!

Jan Blonk permanently moved to the United States in 2001. He loves to write devotionals—taking a Bible verse and diving into its truth and application, especially how it relates to and testifies of Jesus. You can find out more about him and his devotionals at


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