Understanding Your Child As A Spiritual Gift

| January 22, 2017


Do you ever feel like you cannot parent for one more second, let alone one more day or the next several years? All parents feel like this at one time or another. With the birth of my second child, who cried and screamed incessantly, I felt like this virtually every moment of every day. I thought I was losing my mind. Then I discovered “channeling” and how connected my husband and daughter were. I embraced the concept and the chaos began to settle. 
What is “channeling?” It’s when a child acts out a parent’s unexpressed feeling. While it may seem daunting at first, you can learn how to become more authentic and lessen your child’s tantrums. In this easy-to-read book, I share my journey as well as those of several other families. You’ll learn how to recognize the gifts your child is here to teach you. Are you ready to take a different path on your parenting journey? 
Fill in the questionnaire to determine if you or someone you know is channeling and scan the table to interpret your child’s behaviors and phrases. Discover how chakra development affects channeling and many other insights I have gleaned on my sometimes difficult journey. Learn to relax and let go of your inner burdens and watch your child awaken to the joy and peace within her. Act now and leave the chaos behind!


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