Brother James: Growing Up With the Messiah

| January 22, 2017


When your parents know, but you don’t…

James doesn’t know he’s growing up in the first century AD. The brutal Romans occupy the Promised Land, the Pharisees think just about everything is a sin, and the bandits are trying to start a rebellion. And everyone thinks the Saviour will show up any time now to overthrow the Romans. There’s something else James doesn’t know – his very own brother is growing up to be the Promised Messiah. 

A gritty, compelling novel…” MJ Chivers, Amazon reviewer

Christian historical fiction as you’ve never read it before. James just wants to build things, but has to navigate political and religious forces sweeping the nation. There are subtle and not-so-subtle hints that there’s something special about his brother, and that his parents know. But James doesn’t notice. Not really. 


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