Demystify your life : for once and all

| January 24, 2017


How can we live our life happily?
How can we solve all our problems?
How can we get everything we want?

These are the questions which every self-help book tries to answer. They have their own unique approach through which they intend to solve all of your problems. This book does not do that. Our problems don’t follow a single theme, why our solutions have to?

This book cum manual is written to give you a way of living which brings true happiness and success in your life. It is not a quick-fix , it is a manual which gives you clear instructions to finally attain the physical, mental and financial freedom which we all long for.

This book isn’t about vague concepts, it is a plan which is specifically designed to give you all the tools you need to achieve anything you want. I can understand that every self-help book promises this to you, but this is the only one that is clearly gonna tell you what you need to do because it is not a book, it is a life manual. It is a straight up – no bullshit – solution focused manual.

I am not promising you magical solution to all your problems because there isn’t one, despite what you have read in recent times. But I am promising you a definite and practical plan through which you can solve any problem of your life. If you followed this manual successfully, I promise you that you won’t ever need to read another self-help book on “make your life better” again. You will be equipped with every technique and tool you need to solve any problem you encounter. You will be able to achieve any goal set, you will be able to instill whatever quality you want in yourself and you will do these things with minimum effort possible.

I wrote this book with only one goal in my mind- to provide people a definite and practical plan which they can easily follow to have a truly happy and rich life. I am not a writer and I don’t intend to be one in the future, but I had to write this book because of all the misery I see in this world. I have seen people wallowing in the sea of self-pity always regretting their past and fearing their future. I have seen people on the verge of suicide because of their problems. They are so much occupied by their problems that they can’t see the opportunities before them. This is all going to change after following this manual.

I have not disclosed my name because I don’t want to build a business out of it. I have written this book solely with the aim of making you the best version of yourself and giving you practical tools to achieve anything you desire. This way, you can really contribute something meaningful to your life and this world.

In short, this is not the book people deserve, this is the book people need.


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