Leaving no stone unturned

| January 25, 2017


In the book before you, dozens of cancer survivors describe the tools and approaches which assisted their recovery, with or without conventional treatment. After compiling the information Dorit Rishoni-Mandil, the book’s author, discovered seven recurring characteristics:
– Taking responsibility for one’s health
– Following instincts
– A new and different diet
– Taking nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs
– Freeing suppressed emotions
– Daily promotion of positive emotions
– Sharing with people and accepting help
Dorit was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007; when the disease returned for the fourth time, metastatic and defined as stage 4, Dorit decided to investigate non-conventional ways of dealing with the disease. She went on a quest for cancer survivors, to learn the methods they used to put their disease into remission from them and those who treated them. As a result of this journey, she successfully stopped the disease for a while and survived beyond her prognosis.


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