Small Guide to Safe Travel

| January 25, 2017


If ever worried about your next trip after hearing the news about another attack in an airport, randomly on the busy streets, in coffee shops or concert halls, here you find some important lines to read.
The book tackles on subjects such as the risks of traveling, terrorist attacks in tourist areas, places where is safer to travel and anticipating future tourist targets. It brings insight on both the practical safety tips to be used when traveling, but also on the analytical framework needed to help us understand the global social trends.
Starting with a journey through the meaning and importance of traveling, the author dives further in the pressing issue of terrorist attacks in the western world affecting the modern tourism landscape.
An insightful guide that will bring confidence when traveling by anticipating potential risks and finding out how to deal with them.
Learn to perceive and understand what goes on around, and discover the safety measures to take for you and the close ones.

In short, be an informed and prepared traveler before departure and find the key of traveling without fear despite terrorist attacks.
A must read for anyone traveling abroad, for safer journeys.


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