Essential: A Spiritual Guide to Learning How to Love and What to Expect from Love

| January 25, 2017


For the first time, the elusive concept of love has been laid bare!

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This exposé takes a bold and informative trip through the heart and mind of the lover and the loved. The book casts light on the various ever-changing faces of love so that the reader can see their image in the mirror of the literature, scientific discovery, introspection. If knowledge is power, then the reader is inevitably left with the power to love and be loved better.
Love is so complex that it can easily turn against you if you do not keep tabs on it. You could easily lose what you think you have before you know it. One of the wonders of modern day love relationships is the speed with which love departs and is replaced with an equally strong feeling of contempt, and even hate, for the person you recently loved so earnestly and vigorously. Love is often driven by natural instinct and subjectivity. It is a form of subjectivity that is so strong that it overcomes objectivity with ease; even in the face of potential emotional and material loss. Love is worth sustaining because, if we lose it, we soon get back in pursuit of what we have lost.
It has been explained that romantic love is a whirlwind that sweeps in so strong and leaves you no time to plan. Yet after the whirlwind has calmed, you still find yourselves staring at the reality that it takes two of you to love. Some observers have hitherto, attempted to demonize the hype of romance with the tag line that “after the thrill, comes the chill’’; however, research shows that you can embark on a conscious and deliberate path of love. It does not have to follow that down the stream, you meet a chilling relationship. In fact, if you take careful steps into the experience of love, the thrill can be remolded into an everlasting and fulfilling experience for both partners in a love relationship.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Love Dreams and Wishes
  • Understanding the Language of Love
  • Love – The Unexpected<
  • Myths, Beliefs, and Religion
  • Concepts of Love and Facts from Social and Medical Science
  • Conceptions of Love Today – Psychoanalysis, Psychology, and Sociology
  • And Much, Much

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