Romantic Wild West: Hiding The Truth

| January 26, 2017


Romantic Wild West: Hiding The Truth

Every relationship is built on honesty and trust…

Kathy and Paul are finally settling into their life together in Farvale.

All seems well in their little home, with nothing to mar their happiness, but Kathy is carrying a secret.

Everything changes the moment Paul tells Kathy about his younger brother, Daniel who has nowhere else to go.

At the same time, Kathy receives a letter from a friend, begging for her help.

Soon their home is full, with first Daniel and then Sarah and her baby staying under their roof.

Sparks begin to fly between Sarah and Daniel, but he risks everything by telling her the truth about his past.

Will Daniel and Sarah find happiness together or will Daniel’s honesty tear them apart?

 If you loved ‘Choose Me’, then you’ll love this next brand-new story in the series!

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