Beyond the Veil (Dawn of Hope, Book 1)

| January 26, 2017


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A war-torn world. Earth has fallen to endless conflict for increasingly scarce resources and there is no hope left for humanity.

Zachary Linus and six other survivors of this terrible conflict are brought together by accident and encounter a shocking truth. There is a chance to save their world, but it will require them to travel into the unknown. Another planet has become visible through a mysterious time-space veil between both universes.

Though caution would be the first recommendation before studying this world up close, unfortunate consequences force the seven adventurers to jump through the veil prematurely, unprepared and clueless on what they are to expect once they get there.

The beauty of the world is seductive at first but soon the group will begin to realize: their planet is not the only place of danger in this universe and sometimes the most beautiful paradises can turn out to be the most hellish destinations…


Introducing Dawn of Hope, a young adult trilogy that will mix Sci-Fi and Fantasy elements in ways never seen before as the seven adventurers of post-apocalyptic Earth battle their way through the mystery world of the Ancients, Dragons, Gnomes, Elves, Orcs, Trolls, Dwarves and more and unleash their potential in abilities of hidden magic.

Get ready, reader. The veil has been opened and great stories await!


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