Healthy Vegan Cookbook: 45 Great Tasting and Simple Vegan Recipes for Vegans

| January 27, 2017


Are you looking for some new recipes? Not just recipes, but great recipes! Not just great recipes, but great vegan recipes? Are you having a hard time finding any? This recipe book contains 45 great tasting vegan recipes.

You no longer have to sacrifice time to prepare a great tasting meal, so if you are looking for vegan recipes, look no further, it’s all right here. A book with 45 vegan recipes, that take just minutes instead of hours to prepare. Vegan recipes are not always easy to locate, and occasionally have ingredients that do not qualify as a “vegan”. This recipe book only contains vegan recipes, and they are easy to prepare.

After a long day and in less than 45 minutes, you can sit down and enjoy a plate of garlic pasta, and the best part is, that it is 100% vegan, absolutely no meat or meat products.

Impress your lunch friends with a delicious vegan Vietnamese Pho, creamy and delicious, they will feel like they are being served in a vegan restaurant. Feeding the guys for lunch? Serve the Vegan Avocado Sandwich, and they will think they have gone to a barbecue eatery. Surprise the kids with the Vegan Pancakes or a Vanilla Cupcake. Or, go for the Creamy Vegan Pasta for a spicy change; it is a great change from the everyday meals.

Sunday dinners with Grandma’s stuffing, does not have to be a thing of the past. The hearty and comforting stuffing recipes are full of flavor, but not full of meat products, it is 100% vegan.

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