Wild Space: Onslaught

| February 5, 2017


Since 2152, the nations of Earth have been settling the stars throughout the galaxy. They started building new worlds and civilizations on planets close by. But the visionaries, the brave, the true explorers, pushed out farther. They pushed out to a region known as Wild Space.

In 2454, Earth has finally developed an engine that can transverse the galaxy in record time. A twenty year voyage can now be done in six months. Captain John Avery is given command of the Earth Star Ship Independence with a mission to go into the Wild Space and make contact with Earth’s ancestors. They leave on a mission of peace. But what they find is hostility.

The Independence is viciously attacked and many of the crew die. When the smoke clears, the ship is left in ruins and the moral of the crew has been destroyed. Stranded in Wild Space with no way to return to Earth, their mission of exploration has now become a mission of survival.

This isn’t your parent’s Star Trek. This is Wild Space.

AUTHOR NOTES: Wild Space: Onslaught is the first book in a planned series of books. These books are novelette’s that are meant to be a short read. Perfect for commutes, while waiting for an appointment, or if your reading time is limited. They are written in the idea of the old serials from years past. The adventures continue on and develop like those in a television series. Wild Space: Onslaught is the first book in the first series of Wild Space. Enjoy!


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