The Third Muse

| January 28, 2017


Highly erotic romance.
Dorian Saul is a man who is at risk of losing everything. To secure his future Dorian has to finish the masterpiece his father started over 20 years ago, but there’s a problem. Dorian is an artist who has got to know his models intimately before he can capture them on canvas, but Dorian is a connoisseur of dark delights and has a very particular taste in women. The muses Dorian requires are a rarity, and with time running out he has to find seven further women before the Saul family inheritance is lost forever.

Carla is a divorcee and a runaway. Slightly overweight, 32 years old and lacking in confidence Carla is surprised when her sultry new neighbour recommends that she takes a job as an artist’s muse.

Nervous, terrified but desperate for money Carla is left with no choice but to take the job and attend the sittings. In his studio Dorian takes Carla on an erotic journey that will not only reveal the true nature of her sexuality but will change her life forever.

Adam is a successful lawyer and he is also Dorian’s brother. Adam has a vested interest in the completion of Dorian’s masterpiece and has taken it upon himself to ensure that his brother finishes the painting, whatever the costs.
Adults only!

Richly erotic and the love scenes left me reaching for a glass of ice water.


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