Diary of a seemly ordinary child

| January 28, 2017


Diary of a Seemly Ordinary Child
So much can happen in a school day. A child has to cope with other children, teachers, supply/cover teachers, lessons and so much more.
This is the story of a child’s experience of school life.
Do you remember being at school?
Do you remember what it was like getting through a school day?
Did you ever find it difficult to find someone to confide in?
Have you ever worried about something?
This child decided to write about his thoughts and feeling.
This is the story of a child who was seemly ordinary, but he had thoughts and feelings that needed to be let out.
Read Diary of a Seemly Ordinary Child.
Find out how a seemly ordinary child has to get through each day with its ups and downs; frustrations and disappointments.
It can be difficult for someone to get help from bullying or intimidation and confiding in someone can be hard too. It can be worrying for a young person to report the bullying in case there are retaliations or reprisals. However, without help or support, it makes it harder to stop the bullying or intimidation.
Find out what happened to this seemly ordinary child.
Growing up and facts of life.
Friendship, social skills and school.
Emotions and feelings.


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