Two Worlds, One Love: Greylin Wolfe – Book One

| January 28, 2017


Magic. Love. Betrayal. All thrust upon a seventeen year old boy who should be worried about parties and football, not amulets and celestial warfare. Greylin Wolfe, captain of the varsity football team and all around ladies man, is yanked from suburbia and into another world, the real world, Solarnus. He has been brought to find his father, the father that was supposed to be dead. As the last human on Solarnus, he had been the keeper of peace and without him the world is on the brink of civil war.

Sent to magic school, Greylin must learn all he can before it’s too late. Along the way, a fire elf with iridescent hair and fiery eyes captures his heart. Powerful and cunning, she will either help him save the world or destroy it. Torn between Solarnus and Earth, Greylin must learn to trust his new friends and new powers in hopes that he can save them both.


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