Creative Conversation Starters For Couples

| January 28, 2017


Communication is key to any good relationship. It’s an important part of relationships with friends, family, co-workers – anyone really. Nowhere is this truer than in marriage.

Marriage is deeper, riskier, more passionate, and abundantly more rewarding than any other relationship. This also means it is more fragile than any other. If neglected, it will break; and when it breaks, it’s devastating.

Creative Conversation Starters for Couples provides over 100 topic prompts to help you and your spouse go deeper in your understanding of each other. Topics range from the mundane to the outlandish. You’ll explore each other’s past, dream about the future, and evaluate the present.

Each of the ten chapters explores a different topic, allowing you to really learn about your spouse. The book is designed to be used on date nights, but is appropriate anywhere any time.


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