Love After Heartbreak: How to Bounce Back Emotionally, Trust and Love Again

| January 29, 2017


Don’t give up on love!

No matter how bad your last breakup was, you can find a way to open your heart and love again.

This book is for you if you’re on the brink of giving up or if you have already thrown in the towel on relationships.

If you have had it with love, if you feel hopeless and disillusioned, pick up this book today.

It’s a book specifically for the broken-hearted: those who loved hard and fell harder. It’s for you if you have too many questions and very few answers about love after a painful breakup.

This book will help you answer these questions:

– How to recover from and move past your heartbreak
– How to rebuild your confidence and increase your self-worth
– How to trust even if you’ve previously suffered betrayal
– How to get over past and present rejection
– How to open your heart, flip your beliefs about love and love again
– How to find your life partner when you don’t have hope
– Where to find your partner when you’ve searched everywhere
– Where to find emotionally available partners when they don’t seem to exist
– How to know when you’ve found the needle in the haystack
– The one best thing you can do today to find love

You don’t have to live the rest of your life in a convent or monastery. You don’t have to take lonely walks or eat alone at restaurants. You don’t have to live in your past, filled with shame and sadness, or live with anxiety and disappointment about the future.

If you want love and joy in a relationship, this practical and easy-to-read book will guide you back towards finding love. It will remind you why love is important, encourage you to overcome your past and inspire you to believe in love.

It will give you tools, strategies and exercises to turn your love life around. If you’re ready for love after heartbreak, let this book guide you back to the love you desire.

If you’re ready for your heart and soul to click with another, click the Buy Now button at the top of this page.


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