The Kid Who Learnt the Lesson The Power of “Conscience”: Moral Fairy Tail

| January 30, 2017


Teach your Child by Short Stories with Moral Fairy Tail

Conscience is a story that focuses on kids’ education as it teaches them the basic ethical values of being truthful and obedient to elders. The story is simple, easy to understand and recall. The focus is on the ethical development on the righteous track rather than mere amusement.
It is the story of a small family: 3 kids, the parents and the grandfather. Picture illustrations make it more attractive and understandable.

•The story comes with a worksheet by the end. This worksheet comprises of simple questions with answers concerning the story.
•The purpose of the worksheet is to enhance the kids’ understandability.
•The story is short and easy to narrate to kids aging from 4 to 7 Years.
•Parents can tell this story from time to time and is an excellent bed-time read for the kids.
•The book includes a moral lesson and a conclusion at the end of the story. In this way, the ethical and moral education becomes easier and the kids understand the importance of the righteous conduct in everyday life.
Author’s Note:
“Storytelling and reading for the kids goes beyond just mere amusement and a way for time to pass. The problem is that people mostly narrate or read stories to kid only for entertainment purposes but that should be secondary. The main purpose should be to educate kids and particularly moral education should be the primary purpose to help kids growth and positive ethical grounds.
Another important purpose is to enhance understandability and comprehension. This is why “Conscience” comes with 10 questions a worksheet (questions and answers). This worksheet focuses on encouraging kids to concentrate, memorize and understand the events and role of the character’s in the story.”

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