Going Green: Book Nine: The Blackfriar Cozy Mysteries

| January 30, 2017


Blackfriar Apartments. Skullduggery Afoot. Not Blackmail this time.
As usual, some of the residents and visitors to The Blackfriar Apartment Building were not what they seem to be…
New tenant Stanley Blume wasn’t the stuffy accountant he presented himself to be. He’d left Las Vegas in a hurry for a very good reason and he needed lots of money – fast. Green wasn’t just the color of money, Going Green could bring Stanley cold, hard, cash.
Jerome and Jeff were dating the girls in Apartment 4, and they weren’t simply linemen for Sonoma Clean Energy. They had a secret mandate and Mr. Blume’s activities interested them a great deal.
And then there was Robert Pelosi. He wasn’t a man to cross. More and more, Police Chief Ian McFarland was wondering about the veracity of those rumors Tatiana Zhukov had started.
If you like your mysteries set in a small town with continuing characters, and some new ones, interesting plots and well-paced action, you’re going to love Going Green, M’Lissa Moorecroft’s ninth book in The Blackfriar Cozy Mysteries. Not so cozy all the time…
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