Healthy Hailey

| January 30, 2017


Want your child to eat healthy and tasty food?

This story will help!

Hailey is a sweet, happy child, a little shy and sensitive, who loves to eat hamburgers and fries.

She discovers in different ways that living on a burgers- and- French fries diet is unhealthy. A number of events bring Hailey to change her nutrition and lifestyle.

This is a fascinating and moving children’s book about growing up and finding the inner strength, which we all possess. It is about changing one’s way of thinking, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The book Healthy Hailey – Teach your child to eat healthy food will provide you with small tools to shape your child’s personality, strengthen their self-esteem, as well as teach about the importance of what we eat, and the effect it has on our body’s health.

Grab your copy now and read with your child!


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