Dragon Prince’s Claimed Bride (Factional Dragon Brides Book 1)

| January 30, 2017


As a Prince, he must protect his people. As a woman in a man’s world, her freewill means everything

Jaxen Monroe, Prince of the Earth Dragon Clan has just been handed a decree from the High Council of Elders. In order to maintain his throne, he must take a mate and sire a new generation.
Female dragons being rare, Jax discovers a dragon/human hybrid hiding in the most unsuspecting place, the U. S. Military.
Now all Jax has to do is convince her to marry him.

Master Sergeant Olivia Williams spent her entire life fighting for the respect she’d finally claimed. When she’s summoned by the President of the United States, she can’t help but wonder what she’d done to deserve such a prestigious honor.
But when a complete stranger proposes to her and the President orders her to marry him, all her hopes and dreams are suddenly threatened.
Will Olivia be able to surrender to Jax, or will an entire species perish?

This book is a standalone romance story within the Factional Dragon Brides series. A HEA is guaranteed with no cliff-hangers.


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