Manufacturing Margaret

| January 31, 2017


Twenty-two hour shifts. I soar under the Bubble’s meniscus. Dart from luscious apartments in Bubble Central, to the bustling hub of the Promenade. Sniff the apple-pine scent of lascivious lovers in my back-seat.

What does it feel like? To be touched like that. Does she feel the grooves of his fingerprints? What’s it like to have to have the coarse, oily hairs on his chin caress her neck?

On my two hours off, I do what any autonomous cab would – I watch back-to-back Bold and the Beautiful reruns. And dream of what could be.

This is how I spend my days. How I’ve existed for years immemorial. Until one day, He steps inside me. And orders a ride that will change everything.

Manufacturing Margaret is a sci-fi novella about an AI who becomes everything she dreams of, and more. But the thin red line between a dream and a nightmare may be difficult to find.


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