Bay-Tazz Gets an Owner

| February 1, 2017


Bay-Tazz is a small, plucky pony. He likes to play chase with the other ponies and roll in the mud and eat lots of carrots. He especially likes people. People bring carrots.
But like all other ponies, Bay-Tazz needs an owner, because all good ponies have owners.

Notes to Parents

This Bay-Tazz story is the first of the Bay-Tazz series that has been developed to assist budding equestriennes in their attempts to read.

The Adventures of Bay-Tazz were initially developed to assist and encourage an A.D.H.A. child, who loved horses, to read.

These books utilize a starter-reader friendly font, similar to the one taught in school, and helps young readers identify letters and words. Thus helping your child succeed in their reading efforts.


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