Insects: A Novel (The Insects Trilogy Book 1)

| February 1, 2017


For fans of Cussler, Crichton and suspenseful, riveting adventures…

A deadly carnivorous insect.
A scientific expedition trapped in the uncharted Brazilian rainforest.
One horror filled night.

Entomologist Howard Duncan has a generous grant and a wealthy lover. Now he’s on the verge of a find in the Brazilian rainforest that will reenergize his career: the rarely sighted reptilus blaberus, an insect like no other.

But something has changed – nature has started producing an antidote to the fungal infection that previously held the insect population in check. Skeletons provide Duncan and his team with an ominous first clue about the potential consequences.

And as the hunters become the hunted, the team must fight for their lives if they want to survive the terror-filled night.


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