Climax Heist

| February 2, 2017


This Episode of Climax Heist is an eye-catching page-turner that would take you into a thrilling twist, an adventure you wouldn’t resist to plunge into from the very first page.

You can only get killed by someone close enough to take you out. Derek and his perfect romance strategy emitted the energy Max and Ben would use for their next hit. I was their target and I could smell their malicious schemes miles before they reached me, but I preferred to go with their ambiguity. What did they think? Robbing Crower of diamonds worth $4Million didn’t just require sex or a little romance from the town’s belle. There was more to just romance and sex as Crower was never the low-level climber.
I was meant to squeeze my way into his unalterable desire for sex and the casinos. The life he fancied despite his enormous wealth was the key, to a successful scheme under Derek and his terrible gang. Nonetheless, there was none, fit to access this key than me but I saw their doom, shimmering from their malice. I took what was mine and it was time for me to take off. Crower gave me the life I only fantasized, but I was making away with all that he’d invested and I took my conscience altogether with it.

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Tags:Crime,Murder,Betrayal,Deceit,Thriller,Love, Revenge, Adult Romance

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