Are You Ready to Listen? -God

| February 2, 2017


“Are you ready to listen?” Those were the first words I heard God say to me.
What enfolded over the next 2 years was a relationship with Jesus, God and the archangels that accompany all of us dally.
In this book, I take you through my own awakening, dialogue with Spirit and healing with the little injured souls that live within me.
As a career therapist, this journey into Spirit awakened me to a deeper meaning, a healing of emotional hurt that was buried yet alive and present within all my fears and perceived limitations. My journey from stressed-out, career hungry, love starved therapist to the joy and fulfillment I experience today is all chronicled in these volume– a gift of love from Spirit.

Everything you need for your life’s journey is within you. Allow me to help you find this love within and awaken to a new world of joy.


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