Brain Pain: Our Invisible Wounds – Fighting Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress

| February 3, 2017


Anthony ‘Tony’ Jones gives an honest and raw account of surviving and living with Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress, a result of the injuries he suffered after serving in Iraq, in 2007. His father (a Marine) and him both survived multiple explosions and concussions. His in Iraq, his fathers in Vietnam. He calls his nemesis, Chaos. His father calls himself Defective. They have parallel stories.

In his book, he reveals what it took to live through those moments and somehow rebuild his life into something meaningful. Fighting against excruciating headaches (Brain Pain,) mental health demons, depression and hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and addiction, he learned to face a new foe, ‘Chaos.’

This wounded warrior tells his story to share his lessons and bring continued awareness to brain injuries, mental health issues and what he calls the next ‘Concussion Crisis.’ It is a book, which is a ‘must read,’ for anyone who wants to understand someone dealing with a brain injury or mental health issues, or by those directly affected by these invisible wounds. Civilian or military, this book is illuminating. It is also one written by the person, who himself was ‘blown up,’ and not a co-author.


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