Relationships between love and pain

| February 3, 2017


Save Your Relationnship Today!

The book Relationship between love and pain seeks to bring couples and singles to the reality of dating, throwing more light on the need to realize that people often change from time to time. Emphasis is placed on the fact that relationships are built and not bought. Taking hints from the story of my relationship I shared in chapter one, we need to realize that communication is key and assumptions should be thrown out of the window, both parties need to understand and discuss their roles in their relationship so there is no friction of whatever sought. The book reveals to us that matters of the heart are dynamic, and there is need to keep an open mind when dealing with your spouse. A whole chapter is dedicated to overcoming breakups, because this seems to be a very sensitive part of every relationship, breakups aren’t pleasurable, at least for the party at the receiving end, so there is need to know how to deal with breakups so that it doesn’t lead to break downs. As you digest what you have read, remember that relationships are special, and when lost, it is gone for life, only a few people get the opportunity to correct their mistakes, and so we have to be very prudent.. read the book.
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