MBA in Entrepreneurship

| February 3, 2017


MBA in Entrepreneurship: How to start a business in 6 steps course is ideal for you if you’re passionate about becoming a successful entrepreneur and starting your own business. Passion and drive is all what is needed to start with, the practical knowledge provided paves your way ahead to find successful business ideas and turn them into successful and profitable businesses.

In six chapters, an entire MBA in entrepreneurship knowledge is provided in simple and clear way for understanding, that aims to pave your way for launching a startup.

Starting with the first step, you’ll learn two practical methods to find successful business ideas.

Then we start by examining different entrepreneurship MBA aspects to make it a profitable business, by first testing the potential of the idea by learning how to conduct a market research.

Then we proceed with how to secure funding for your business and how to approach investors.

Then a clearer path will start to appear for the business, and you’ll learn how to market it to customers and how to build a brand for your business.

After that, you can decide on how revenue is going to reach you from customers and the different options to make money from your idea (revenue streams and revenue models).

Finally, in the last chapter you’ll bring that idea into light by learning the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) concept that allows you to execute it in the real world.


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