Fused: A memoir of childhood OCD and adult obsession

| February 4, 2017


Released as a paperback in November 2016, Fused quickly received critical acclaim in America gaining 5 Star reviews from influential reviewers. Readers Views referred to it as ‘stunning’ and ‘one of the best books that I have reviewed that truly shows personal experience’, Readers Favorites referred to it as ‘an inspiring and illuminating work’, while SPR said ‘Fused is a powerful reminder that self-improvement, self-awareness, and self-sacrifice are essential (and accessible) qualities in us all.’ To test how American readers might react to the book we sent it off to The New England Book Festival. In January 2017 we were delighted to hear that against very strong competition Fused was announced the winner of the memoir section. The multiple-award winning memoir, With Angel’s Wings was placed second.

Written by Carol Hoyer: Readers Views
‘Fused: A Memoire of Childhood OCD and Adult Obsession” is the latest work by Dr. James Manning. Written in an autobiographical format, Dr. Manning tells a stunning first-hand account of living and dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

The cause of OCD is unknown but can be attributed to stress inducing events, birth problems, and/or genetic tendencies.
I have had the opportunity and pleasure of reading several of Dr. Manning’s books and workbooks. His works are a great value to individuals who live with a variety of disorders. Even as a Psychologist myself, my experience with these issues only come from academic training and years of working in the field. For Dr. Manning, it comes from living with OCD, anxiety, and depression as well as his professional training and career. One cannot truly know what it is like to live this way of life unless experienced.

Dr. Manning’s book “Fused” gives an informative account living with OCD. He is open, honest, and writes in such a way one can only imagine how it was living a life with obsessed thoughts and routines daily. I really enjoyed reading about his journey from childhood and the growth that occurred. Many readers often believe that because one works in the psychology field they can cure themselves – not so.

“Fused” is a small book of 157 pages but gives so much information and insight. One will appreciate that any psychology terms Dr. Manning uses is provided in easy to read terms and he gives examples that everyone can understand or relate to.’

Written by John Staughton, SPR
‘Manning is an immediately credible source to discuss matters of the mind, but as someone who dealt with OCD as a child and extended issues with obsession and anxiety as an adult, his story strikes even more forcefully. His powers of recollection about his own childhood are rather incredible, and while hindsight likely colored some of the scenes into more convenient parables, the sincerity of the writing is ever-present. His descriptions of thoughts, ideas, words and events around him as being “sticky” is a unique description of OCD, the sort of simplistic and visceral explanation that could only come from the mind of a child…Scattered among his personal reflections are hard and fast truths about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and some in-depth explorations of brain architecture and the knowledge to date about certain mental disorders and afflictions. For readers who personally struggle with these types of issues, the book is not only uplifting, but also informative, and it is equally cathartic for people who may know a close friend or loved one who suffers with OCD. The book mixes philosophy with anecdotes, science with sentiment, and by the end, readers have grown up with the author, seen him at his weakest and worst moments, and also admired him as he persevered into a successful and benevolent life.’


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