| February 4, 2017


Discover how easy it is to have fresh fruit and vegetables on your table every night today!

My objective was to make this very basic and easy to follow. I have included everything I could think of that will give you a good start on your journey to better health through growing your own fruit and vegetables. The great thing about growing your own vegetables is that you can make it really scientific or not, you should still get good vegetables if you follow a few basics. As you progress and start seeing results, you can learn even more ways to grow your vegetables or improve on their growth. We are all aware that Vitamins and minerals are abundant in fresh fruit and vegetables. When we buy our fruit and vegetables from the major stores, a bit of uncertainty is there in a few areas.
1. There is a high probability that the fruit and vegetables have been in cold storage, or they have traveled for very long periods of time by sea.
2. I don’t know how long the products have traveled, and how they were stored while traveling, before I selected them and brought them home to my family.
3. I do not know what agriculture methods and processes have been used and what pesticides/herbicides have been used.
Growing your own fruit and vegetables offers you the opportunity to take back control of your own food bowl. You will be the one that has total control over the soil, the compost, the seeds and the fertilizer used in the production of your own vegetables. You will be the one that will choose how to control common garden pests in a safe and efficient way and you will be the one that will choose if you want Non GMO and Organic seeds to produce your vegetables. The taste, I can assure you, will delight you. Honestly, I grew some garlic last season and really, the taste was so much better than store bought. Delicious and Awesome!!! Make a difference to your health. You need this book

Hear is a preview of what you will learn.

  • Gardening can be easy
    • Selecting your new gardening position
      • Composting
        • Necessary tools and supplies for gardening
          • How to plant your seeds and seedlings
            • How to protect your garden the organic way
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