A Season, and A Time (Southhill Sagas)

| June 29, 2013


A Season, and A Time (Southhill Sagas)

Baby Boomer Fiction – The 6th book in the Southhill Sagas, set in Surrey, to the South of London – though each book stands alone. 

When Rhona’s family throws a surprise party for her sixtieth birthday, you might think she is the woman who has it all – she has her health, a lovely home, a good marriage, and a loving daughter, even a part time job which she enjoys.    But ever present is the tragedy from seventeen years before – the tragedy that has driven a wedge between Rhona and her husband John.  

Now John seems to be playing a lot more bridge, more evenings and even playing at the weekends, ever since he has found a new partner, a woman called Grace, who even joins him on a bridge club holiday. 

Then suddenly her world falls apart.   

Not only is Rhona is ousted from her part time job, but only one day later her husband leaves her.  He doesn’t spell it out but it is obvious to Rhona that he is leaving her for Grace; that Grace has become more than just his bridge partner.

Rhona has to take stock of her life and decide what it is she wants to do, and how she is going to move forward.  Meanwhile her daughter Jo has a different agenda – she wants to get her parents back together.
A family story of heartache, love, despair but above all hope


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