Diary of a Wither: From Villain to Hero (An Unofficial Minecraft Book): Part 1 of a Wither’s Journey

| February 4, 2017


From Villain to Hero . . . Maybe

Short Story/ 5000 words approximately

Ashley Witty‘s hilarious story–From Villain to Hero: A Minecraft Diary of a Wither—tells about a floating, three-headed, ghostly mob with a skeletal appearance (a Wither) who suddenly decides to be a hero rather than a villain. He defies the law of the game that states, “You must be a monster, a villain, and a pest! You will kill Steve and villagers and everything!” Wither challenges The Dragon to a duel. Will Wither defeat the Dragon and save not only himself but also the villagers? This is Part 1 of Wither’s adventure in heroism.

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