Third Eye Awakening: Understanding and Opening the Third Eye

| February 4, 2017



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The third eye is the portal which leads to the soul of each and every person and transcends to a higher spiritual consciousness. It is symbolic of a heightened state of awareness and evokes images which have deep meaning and significance to the world as a whole. When awakened, the third eye may allow those in the right mindset to see visons and auras, gain clairvoyance and see the importance of all life as well. The third eye is within everyone all, but will only manifest itself with deep spiritual practice and intuitive thinking. If you are interested in learning more, then Third Eye Awakening: Understanding and Opening the Third Eye is the book you have been waiting for.

The third eye is the sixth of the seven chakras (also known as Anja or the brow chakra). A chakra transcends the physical body and focuses on the inner energy which connects us with the universe. Chakra means “beyond wisdom,” and the third eye chakra evokes lucid dreaming, expanded imagination, clairvoyance and visualization. Being in spiritual alignment with all seven chakras helps you see the bigger picture and opens your soul to every part of life. Throughout all human history, the third eye represented some level of wisdom, intuition and spiritual awareness. It can be found in almost every religion and indigenous culture. There are many different interpretations of the third eye, but each have a commonality of peace and enlightenment.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for answers to life’s major questions or simply looking to clear your head, regularly working to open your third eye will provide the benefits you seek. So, what are you waiting for? Begin your journey to true enlightenment, buy this book today!

Here Is A Sneak Peek Of What’s Included…

  • The history of the third eye as it pervades religions from Hinduism to Christianity
  • All about the pineal gland, the part of the body that physically represents the metaphysical third eye
  • Tips and tricks for making it easier to reach a mindset conducive to opening your third eye
  • Basic meditative and shamanistic practices that will help you to crack open the lid on your third eye and maybe even have a look around
  • A roadmap of all of the things you might be able to expect once you have actually managed to start seeing with your third eye
  • Safety tips to keep in mind to ensure that any third eye related experiences you have are only going to be positive
  • A detailed breakdown of Tataka meditation and how this powerful form of third eye meditation can make your third eye revelations even stronger
  • Simple ways to build the energy in your body until it reaches a crescendo that jump starts the third eye opening process
  • The quickest ways to avoid the most common obstacles between you and the opening of your third eye
  • And More!

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