Weight Loss Protocols: A guide of simple but ground breaking principles (based on scientific research) that I followed to lose over 45lbs. and you can too…

| February 4, 2017


You can absolutely lose your weight and maintain it!

This book is a compilation of personal experiences with proven strategies on how to lose weight. On a global scale, we are seeing an obesity crisis. Only human beings and domesticated animals seem to have overweight problems. There are no other species on the planet, which have needed to measure their portion sizes or track their macros. They seem to know instinctively, what to eat and how much to eat. No one should feel guilty about the act of eating. We should be able to nourish our bodies and have the energy to conquer our goals.

Losing weight and staying in your range should become a non-issue if you follow the protocols outlined in this book.

In this book, you will learn the details of the protocols that helped me lose over 45 lbs.,

  • Protocol 1: Eat Plants and only Plants – We will learn how to eat healthfully by eating whole-food, plant based and from the four food groups – Vegetables, Fruits, Legumes and Whole grains.
  • Protocol 3: Implement Intermittent Fasting – We will delve into the idea of Intermittent fasting and how it can help us reach our goal.
  • Protocol 4: Work out with Cardio and Strength training to look our best and be in a state of optimal health.

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