Singing Health Handbook

| February 6, 2017


Use These Powerful Tricks To Make Your Voice Last Forever

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You’re about to discover…
This book contains proven advice, tips, and strategies on how to maintain a healthy, thriving voice that will last a lifetime.
We are a human instrument susceptible to the wonderful thing known as “life”. Illness, poor lifestyle choices, and vocally irresponsibility can get the best of even the most pious music professionals.
In this eBook, I’ll share the 3 worst voice “killers” that threaten every singer on the planet. Not only will you learn about them, but steps you can apply today to get the most out of your voice long-term.
The best singer isn’t someone who is talented or lucky, but prepared. This book will give you a head-start for having that plan when “life” happens. You’ll be ready!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • (The 3 Worst Voice Killers)
  • (Vocal Coaches: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.)
  • (Rinse and Steam Cycle)
  • (Steam Inhalation: Hacking The Voice)
  • (Help! I’m Sick!)
  • (Medication And Surgery)
  • Much, much

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