The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore

| February 6, 2017


Step into the darkness and check out the #1 Most downloaded book for Kindle Store-Poetry-Contemporary 

Witness the horror and madness that personifies evil

 This book is a MUST for Horror and Poetry lovers

A book of fifty horror poems within five chapters, each a different kind of Horror. Each poem more eerie, creepy and sinister than the next. The chills one will experience from the darkness will turn the most pleasant of dreams into nightmares. Let your imagination turn into fear and accept each tale being told.

What people have thought so far: 

“The author, Justin Bienvenue, did an excellent job in presenting his work”- Vincent Hobbes 

“Excellent read and the author has an awesome imagination”- Louise Lake 

“Disturbing and definitely entertaining”-Emma Paul 

“An enjoyable and entertaining read”-David Haynes 

“Poe is on the short list of my favorite poets, and this book did capture the Poe vibe. If you enjoy dark, graphic poetry, then you should enjoy this volume.”-Quentin Wallace

See what has everyone gripping the edge of their seat over! 

Get your scare on, grab a copy!


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