Help! My Teenager is an Electronic Zombie (Funny Woman Guide Book 4)

| February 7, 2017


Has your child been hijacked by a TEENAGE ELECTRONIC ZOMBIE?

Some symptoms:

-Constant connection to all things zomb-electronic (games, iPhones, social media)
-Communicates in one-word grunts, if at all
-Generally speaking not “present” in the real world

This is not a B-movie, this is YOUR LIFE.

In this Funny Woman Guide, the Teenager will be dissected (in a non-gory way), to understand what is happening.

Some things we will uncover:

– Who abducted your Zombie’s brain (does he or she still have a brain)?
– The secret to no more power struggles with your teenager
– How to miraculously transform your Zombie back into a real live human being

. . . and much, much more!

For less than the cost of a brain-freeze-causing shake for the zombie, you could be getting solutions in the real world.

It’s time to reveal the truth about your Zombie Teenager!


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